A Comprehensive Guide to Choosing the Best Dog Treats Milwaukee, WI

23rd Feb 2022

A Comprehensive Guide to Choosing the Best Dog Treats Milwaukee, WI

One of the most amazing feelings in the world is coming home from a long day at work and seeing a happy, smiling doggie face staring at you. Local rescues are full of furry friends waiting to get their fur-ever home.

When you walk in the door of your Milwaukee, Wisconsin, home, your dog is there to greet you because he is your best friend. He wants nothing more than to make you happy and show you how much you mean to him. With a tail wag and a little lick on the cheek, your dog can make all of your troubles disappear.

Pet toys are excellent ways for your pet to have a fun time throughout their day, and the real gift is being able to play with you. They also love getting some special food items (made at home or purchased at the pet store in town) to hold them over until dinner time.

After showing you all that love, your dog deserves to have a special treat. All dogs generally enjoy dog cookies of any variety. Who doesn't love a little snack in between having their regular food! Then, you must find the right snacks for your pet that he will enjoy and benefit from healthy.

Reasons to Give Your Dog Treats

Dogs are just like humans in that they like to have something special to eat aside from their normal food. There are a variety of reasons to give your furry pets special treats in addition to their normal dog food. These reasons include:

  • Giving your extra dog love to let him know you appreciate all he does for you every day.
  • Offering positive reinforcement during obedience training since dogs are highly food motivated.
  • Rewarding good behavior, especially during house training or learning to interact with some other dog.
  • Boosting their immune system, joint mobility, and coat sheen with healthy treats.
  • Helping to overcome anxiety or stress.

It only makes sense to give your pet a tasty treat that they will love for all of these reasons. It is important to pick treats that are tasty and offer health benefits.

Factors to Consider When Choosing the Right Dog Treat for Your Furry Friend

Dogs generally tend not to be very picky when it comes to the snacks they enjoy. Scraps from the family dinner table are always delectable for most dogs, and they will go to town on snacks that we may not think would be great to eat. However, the treats you choose for your pets should be carefully researched to ensure that they benefit the dog's overall health.

The type of treat and the ingredients used in the snack can contribute to your pet's health and happiness. Some pups are better off with natural chews, while others prefer baked treats. Still, others may enjoy homemade freeze-dried treats that are corn and soy-free. Here are some factors to consider when choosing the right treats:

  • Ingredients: To remain active and healthy, your pup should have a treat not loaded with sugar, by-product ingredients, or fat. Treats that are good protein sources and have ingredients that help your dog's coat, joints, teeth, or digestive system are recommended. Those ingredients are just filler and do not contribute to your pup's overall health and well-being.
  • Age: Your pup's age should be a consideration, especially when it comes to their teeth and tummies. As they age, pets' teeth and stomachs become much more sensitive. An adult dog may handle hard, crunchy treats far more easily than a puppy or a senior dog.
  • Breed: The breed and size of the dog will also play a part in your treat choice. A snack meant for a dog the size of a Great Dane will likely be a bit too much for a Corgi. The same can be said for toys you may find in the local pet store since a Rottweiler will be able to tear apart a small squeaky toy in a matter of minutes, while a Dachshund will be unable to handle toys the size of his head! Be sure your dog can handle the treat you choose.
  • Health: Your dog's health should also be a major consideration since some animals may have health conditions that prevent them from being able to handle certain food items or ingredients. Talk to your veterinarian about restrictions for the snacks you choose.
  • Dual benefits: If a treat that you purchase can provide more than one benefit, that is all the better. Crunchy snacks that require a dog to gnaw on them for a while offer long-lasting enjoyment for the pet, and they also work to clean the dog's teeth by scraping off plaque and tartar.

With all of these considerations, you may end up spending a bit more time in the treat aisle at the local Milwaukee pet business than you would have expected. Special cookies can be found at many locations: dog bakery, specialty pet shop, and even online. Be sure that the best dog treats Milwaukee, WI, you choose meet your pet's needs.

Dog Food vs. Dog Treats

It is important to remember that your dog's snacks should not be replacing their regular food, just like humans and other animals. They should be given sparingly throughout the day as a special treat, which will prevent health problems such as obesity.

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