Best Calming Treats for Dogs in Chicago, IL With Anxiety Issue

14th Jan 2022

Best Calming Treats for Dogs in Chicago, IL With Anxiety Issue

No matter how old your dog might be, seeing them going through anxiety can be a painful experience. Besides stress, depression, and restlessness, anxiety can also put your dog at risk for cardiac diseases, digestive challenges, and various behavioral problems.

The issue is that separation anxiety mixed with loud noises, and other issues can bring about destructive behavior. The stress response present within your furry best friend can trigger many different issues and cause problems.

Whether your dog is suffering from separation anxiety or general anxiety, it is necessary to note that you can take on a wide variety of actions regarding your dog's separation anxiety. Pet owners have quite a bit of help these days with many different resources in dog anxiety and other matters.

Thankfully, you can promote relaxation in most dogs with the right calming product options.

Remember that the moment your dog is diagnosed with anxiety, you should look into managing the situation to help them live a healthier and happier life. Fortunately, looking into exercise and alternative therapies can go a long way. Besides these practices, you can also look for calming treats for dogs with anxiety to help them further.

These treats come in a variety of forms. But their main goal is to alleviate the feelings of anxiety and stress through regular consumption. To see how you can help your dog through these options, here is a lowdown on the best calming treats for anxiety.

Chews and Bites For Anxiety

Calming supplements can provide a lot of value to dogs that suffer from separation anxiety. If you see that your dogs suffer from separation anxiety, find calming treats and calming supplements that will help you remain calm.

Chews and bites are some of the most common forms of treats for dogs. That is why it is no surprise to see that they also stand tall when it comes to specially formulated treats for anxiety.

Many of these chews and bites use naturally calming ingredients, making them safe to use for almost all dog breeds. Some of these treats use a minimal dosage of such ingredients, while others use a slightly potent mix.

Depending upon your dog’s size, weight, and the severity of anxiety issues, you can find a suitable formulation of calming treats for dogs with anxiety. To ensure that you are making an informed decision, choose a product from a reliable brand that comes with a transparent list of ingredients. This ensures that you know what is in the treats you have chosen for your dog.

Drops and Tinctures

Drops and tinctures are also given orally. But instead of a traditional treat in solid form, these concentrated formulations come in the form of liquids. Most of these products also use natural ingredients, which adds to their safety profile.

The dosage of these drops and tinctures depends on a variety of factors. But they are mostly given daily for consistent effects. While some dog owners term them to have an easier method of administration than solid treats, others find it tricky to provide these calming treats to their dogs.

With that being said, if your dog is particular about edible or chewable treats, using these calming treats for dogs with anxiety can be a highly suitable option. As long as you stick to the regular dosage schedule, these treats can help your dog manage anxiety quite easily.


Sprays use the aromatherapy approach, which utilizes the power of smell to trigger different effects on the central nervous system. When you use calming sprays as a treat for your dog, these formulations can induce feelings of calmness and reduce the sensations brought upon by anxiety.

Since sprays are spread into the air, they have a rather tricky application profile compared to direct dosage through solid treats or liquid formulations. With that being said, they are highly effective whenever your dog is in a contained setting, such as being on a trip in your car or resting in the cage for a quiet night at home.

These sprays mostly utilize natural ingredients, with some of them being as simple as essential oils mixed with water. This also allows you to make these calming treats for dogs with anxiety right at your home.

Tablets and Capsules

When your dog’s anxiety issues don’t go away with alternative therapies, you may need to look towards medication as a prescribed line of treatment. These medicines are available in the form of tablets and capsules. It can be bought on the advice and prescription of your vet.

These tablets and capsules use various ingredients and natural chemicals to treat anxiety in dogs. Depending upon the severity of the issue that your dog faces, these medicines can be prescribed as an ongoing treatment or as a short-term remedy.

In many cases, medications are also accompanied by alternative therapies such as music therapy, physical touch, and a daily exercise regime. But given that medications are mostly given to those dogs whose anxiety is not managed by other approaches, these therapies have to be continued with a consistent medicine schedule.

Since anxiety can affect each dog differently, you must closely observe your dog’s struggles with the condition. After speaking to your vet and considering your dog’s comfort, you can pick suitable calming treats for dogs with anxiety that fit all your specifications with ease.

Calming Chews Are Beneficial

Thanks to a wide array of research and in-depth coverage, pet owners can help many dogs with vet visits, and more help them stay calm. If you are looking to help your pup stay calm in Chicago or other cities, make sure to stay several steps ahead by obtaining calming chews.

It can help your pets when they are afraid and nervous and help them have better health in general. If you see the common signs of stress, fear, or similar signs of distress, ensure to work with professionals and supplement care with a great product from places like MillPets.

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