14th Oct 2021

Can CBD Help My Dog With Anxiety?


If you notice your pet chews or whimpers whenever you leave or gets nervous when there are thunderstorms or loud noises, your furry friend could be suffering from chronic anxiety. There are many treatments for treating your dog's anxiety and is hemp CBD oil. Here we look at CBD for dogs in Wisconsin, what conditions they treat, whether CBD for dogs does cure anxiety, and the best CBD for pets.

CBD Oil For Dogs

Initially, CBD oils for personal use were all the rage. Many people had success treating nervousness, easing pain, reducing seizures, and improving their appetite. Soon, pet owners started experimenting with their pets to see if they could also enjoy the full spectrum of benefits. Mammals usually have an endocannabinoid system, meaning dogs can benefit from CBD drug administration just like humans. From easing pain to calming the central nervous system, the benefits are many.

CBD has become popular in helping both humans and pets. Dogs in Wisconsin seem to benefit more from cannabinoids than other household pets. Many of the health issues that afflict dogs are that CBD can treat are well-documented in anecdotal reports. Plus, hemp oil has no psychoactive effects. So, you can make it part of your pet's diet.

Hip dysplasia is a major cause of mobility, and the problem afflicts medium-size dog breeds. It is a disease that cripples pet parents and prevents them from enjoying their older years as well. CBD oil can help relieve the chronic pain and inflammation, which accompany this hereditary disease. You can also administer CBD to treat cancer. Other than fighting cancer-fighting properties, CBD oil can mitigate the undesirable side effects of chemotherapy and other cancer treatments.

Epilepsy is quite rare in wild animals, seem to be free as they don't have a hereditary component. However, dogs aren't as lucky, with almost six percent of their population suffering from it. The figures could be much higher in some dog breeds. Like humans, dogs may experience some form of drug-resistant epilepsy. Cannabinoids succeed in reducing hard-to-treat seizures and lowering the severity of different forms of epilepsy. It is for these reasons that FDA lifted many restrictions on the plant.

Does CBD Work For Anxiety In Dogs?

While CBD oil has the potential to treat many conditions, anxiety tops the list for pet owners. Various studies on CBD and anxiety along with individual reports, show CBD oil is useful in treating stress, chronic fear, and nervousness in dogs, including aggressive behaviors. CBD oil is a good natural alternative to prescription drugs for treating anxiety, which usually has a range of side effects on dogs. Due to the common side effects of CBD, pet owners can feel more comfortable when administering it to their dogs. Talk to your veterinarian first about using CBD if they have previously recommended anxiety medications or other cannabinoids for your pet illness.

CBD Oil Is Best For Dogs?

CBD oils and common CBD products, like hemp-derived CBD dog treats, have few faults between them. Finding a reputable supplier of high-quality CBD is usually a challenge for some people. The best organic CBD product has maximum potency and is largely THC-free. Marijuana products with high THC aren't quite safe as CBD oil for your dog. So, you must confirm that the CBD you'd like to purchase and give to your pet dog has the right and legal THC amount.

Trusted sellers usually have a Certificate of Analysis (COA) for the range of CBD products. Awarded by the food and drug administration, COA shows that an independent third-party lab has tested a company's hemp extract for accuracy. The lab report shows that what's on the CBD label is accurate and truthful.

CBD Oils for Dog Spectrum

Dog CBD oil is available in full-spectrum and broad-spectrum. Broad-spectrum CBD typically features a concentrated CBD extract like terpenes and less than 0.3% THC. A plant-derived fatty oil is a common carrier for cannabidiol. Some CBD manufacturers like using 100% hemp, including the oil of the hemp plant.

Rich in antioxidants and omega fatty acids, hemp oil has many health advantages over low-quality MCT oils. Though lacking CBD, broad-spectrum CBD has anti-inflammatory properties and can promote skin restoration. Not only does your dog get a health boost, but it gets to avoid the effects of THC.

As well as helping lower anxiety directly, other reasons make CBD an attractive option for curing anxiety. CBD typically provides four to eight hours of relief, and that's long enough to cover anxiety episodes due to thunderstorms, fireworks, or separation. CBD is also easy to administer. CBD oils usually come with droppers, while CBD dog treats pack a punch of tasty flavors that dogs find irresistible. You can also create your treats or mix CBD oils with dog food.

Should You Give CBD Oil To Dogs For Anxiety?

Many dogs experience various levels of anxiety, ranging from temporary uneasiness to chronic fear. Some dogs struggle with these issues, and many pet owners are not sure of how best to tackle them. CBD oil for dogs is a fantastic remedy for treating nervousness. Not only does it act fast, but it offers natural anxiety relief and has minimum side effects. Numerous pet owners now use it to manage their dogs' anxiety safely.

If not managed, anxiety can damage the body and diminish overall wellness. That's why stress is referred to as "the silent killer" in human beings. You can give your furry friend CBD treats and CBD oil to calm their nerves whenever there is a thunderstorm or taking them for a ride.

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The CBD we sell is lab-tested for purity and potency, and the COAs are published on your website.