20th Sep 2021

How to Give CBD to Your Dog in Milwaukee, WI

Canine CBD Oil 300 mg

There are different methods of giving pet CBD to your furry friends. Check out five ways to administer CBD oil for dogs.

Unlike humans, many pet owners have to find ways for their pets to consume CBD. Administering pet CBD may seem straightforward, but the process can be challenging at times, especially for those with impatient or intolerant dogs. If you’re a proud dog owner and want to know how to administer beneficial CBD oil to your furry friend to manage anxiety or pain, keep reading.

CBD Oil for Dogs in Milwaukee, Wisconsin

Maybe you have been thinking of trying pet CBD, but aren't sure of how to handle the drug administration. Giving your pet dog CBD oil actually easier than you think. When administered properly and in the right dose, CBD oil products can benefit your dogs in various ways. Here are top five ways to administer CBD oil for dog.

What is CBD Oil?

Hemp CBD (cannabinoid) is a naturally occurring compound that is found in the oils of the hemp plant. Dogs usually have body receptors linked to the Endocannabinoid System. When they ingest hemp oil, the plant-derived CBD often stimulates the pets’ anti-inflammatory abilities. Animal studies show that regular use of full-spectrum hemp oil medications with THC can boost the immune system of dogs and reduce stress among other health benefits.

Pet CBD can benefit any dog, even a healthy one with no medical condition. Some of the health conditions that dogs CBD oil can cure include:

  • Allergies
  • Joint pain and inflammation
  • Allergies
  • Situational or chronic anxiety
  • Gastrointestinal issues
  • Seizures management
  • Age-related conditions
  • Cancer pain
  • Lack of appetite

Use CBD Oil with Treats

Another way to pass the benefits of CBD products for dogs is to administer the CBD oil via treats like cookies and biscuits. This method works best with dry, porous treats as they can quickly absorb the cannabidiol oil than rounded or flat dog treats. Once you get the appropriate dosage of CBD and add it to your dog’s treat, let it soak for a while. You can buy packaged pet treats that are infused with CBD oil or have CBD baked right into the treats. Since treats are rewards for good behavior, your dog is likely to associate pet CBD oil with something positive.

If preparing CBD treats is too much work, buy ready CBD dog treats. It’s important to note that CBD oil-infused treats might elevate liver enzymes and lead to benign CNC fluctuations in pet dogs with health issues. Talk to your local veterinarian first before you give your dog a CBD oil treat. If you are looking for quality CBD oil for dogs, visit the store on our website.

Direct Oral Application

The quickest way to administer CBD oil for dogs is to draw up the right dose of oil into the dropper and to insert the dropper in your pet’s mouth. Once it’s close to the back of the mouth, squeeze the dropper. If your dog tolerates this method, use it always. Be gentle with your pet dog and give them a treat immediately after administering CBD oil. This way, they will warm up to the sight of the tincture bottle and experience an improvement in their overall health.

Mix CBD with Pet Food

You may also mix CBD products with food. Start off by mixing small doses of cannabis compound with your pet’s favorite food. If you don’t notice any improvements in your dog, you can try to up the dosage in their food. Make sure you consult your local vet to see what the appropriate CBD dosage for your dog is. Once you add the CBD oil into the food, let it sit for a while before serving. Your furry friend may not warm up to the CBD at first. But over time, they may like the taste and come to enjoy it.

This method often works because the flavor of food masks the taste of CBD oil for dogs. Dry food is usually effective in masking the texture and taste of CBD products. When adding the oil to food, let it sit for a few minutes so that it can soak in properly. Maintain the dosage going forward.

Dilute CBD with Water

If your pet dog drinks water frequently, try diluting the CBD oil with water. The best quality CBD oil is usually odorless and tasteless. You can add drops of the CBD tinctures into your pet’s drinking water without them noticing. Ensure you use the appropriate dosage so your dog can reap the full benefits of CBD. If administering CBD orally to your dog proves challenging, try adding CBD oil drops to water. Remember to replace the water every time the pet wants to drink. Don’t just add more oil to it.

Things to Consider When Giving CBD Oils to Dogs in Milwaukee, WI

With all these options to administer CBD for dogs, how can pet owners possibly know where to start and the recommended dosage? Keep the following in mind as they might help you determine the best method of administering CBD oil dose.

Dog’s schedule and routine – If your pet dog has a consistent schedule and spends time indoors or in the yard, you have plenty of options with the type of CBD oil product to purchase. For example, you can get a jar of CBD peanut butter or keep a tincture bottle in the cabinet. However, if you’re adventurous with your dog, consider portable CBD oil and treats that you can stash in the glove box.

Number of dogs and their sizes – Having multiple pets, in our opinion, means you are going to have different sizing needs. Go for a CBD product that gives you flexibility with serving yet the same benefits.

Lifestyle goals for pet dogs – Maybe you want to support your dog to attain specific wellness goals. If that’s the case, consider CBD products with added ingredients like coconut oil. Some products have calming ingredients that offer both herbal support and relaxation. If your dog plays outdoors, go for CBD chews with glucosamine HCL and chondroitin sulfate as they enhance mobility and help your dog stay active.

Tooth sensitivity – Does your furry friend have sensitive teeth? If so, go for oil tinctures or CBD soft chews instead of crunchy treats.

Purchase the Best CBD for Pet Owners in Milwaukee, WI

Whether you want to boost your dog's appetite or fight inflammation, our natural hemp products have powerful cannabinoids that can improve your pet's health and fight disease. Better than supplements, our CBD is intended for the treatment of pain, illness and anxiety that leads to loud noises. We sell premium, CBD-infused products like apple wellness CBD oil that your pets will love at the best price. If you have specific concerns about your dogs or want more information on how hemp oil can be beneficial, contact MillPets or send a message via the contact form on our website.