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Is your dog prone to scratching a lot, even though they don’t have fleas? That usually means a dog has sensitive skin, which requires some extra TLC. That’s why we’ve developed Itchy Pup CBD Oatmeal Dog shampoo, formulated with soothing hemp extract and special ingredients derived from nature that help calm and moisturize skin. The same properties that make CBD skin care a great option for people also apply to pets! So pamper your pooch with a CBD shampoo for dogs specially formulated for sensitive skin.

  • Made with CBD extracted from non-GMO hemp grown in the USA
  • Oatmeal gently cleanses without irritation
  • Honey naturally soothes skin
  • Olive Oil moisturizes and provides beneficial nutrients
  • Fragrance-free


Dogs have different skin types just like people do, and your dog might have sensitive skin in need of special care. Sensitive skin can get irritated easily by a lot of things: dry air, pollen, household chemicals, or even other products that you use to groom your dog. So Paw CBD has devised a formula with the best ingredients for natural cleansing and moisturizing – and no irritating chemicals – to keep your dog looking and feeling great.

Chief among those ingredients is our CBD, drawn from hemp plants grown here in the USA under stringent federal standards. Our hemp extracts are repeatedly refined and tested to ensure that they’re THC-free* and don’t contain levels of pesticides or heavy metals that could endanger your sensitive pup. Because CBD is absorbed through skin, your dog can enjoy the soothing benefits with every bath.


Wet your dog’s coat thoroughly in warm water, preferably using a hand sprayer. Massage as much CBD shampoo onto them as needed to work up a lather all over their bodies – since topical CBD doesn’t get into the bloodstream, you don’t need to track the exact amount you’re using. Work it into the coat with your fingers to ensure it makes contact with the dog’s skin. Try to avoid getting it in their eyes and noses, but be sure to get the harder-to-reach areas like the armpits, belly, and behind the ears.

Rinse thoroughly, making sure all the shampoo is completely out of the dog’s coat, and gently rub dry with a towel. After a bath is a good time to apply CBD balm to your dog’s paw pads and nose, which can be especially helpful to puppers with sensitive skin. You can use the CBD shampoo as often as you bathe your dog.

Does CBD Help Dogs with Itching?

CBD is not approved to treat any skin diseases (or any other diseases), but many find that it feels soothing on the skin. Both you and your dog have endocannabinoid receptors under your skin, so CBD can support your endocannabinoid system’s ability to keep your body calm and balanced.

What Shampoo Is Good for Dog Itching?

Oatmeal shampoos are popular for itchy dogs because of their soothing properties. You might have used oatmeal on your own skin for the same reason, since it has a long tradition! We’ve combined oat extract with honey and olive oil, both of which further soothe and moisturize skin, along with the powerful calming benefits of CBD.

How Often Should You Bathe a Dog with Itchy Skin?

If your dog has persistent itching you should consult your veterinarian about exactly how to care for your dog’s skin, including the frequency of bathing. But in general, you want to keep a consistent routine of bathing once or twice a week to ensure your dog absorbs the beneficial ingredients. You might do it more often if your dog is prone to getting dirty, but too much bathing could dry out the skin and worsen itching.

Can You Rub CBD Oil on Dogs’ Skin?

Many people apply CBD oil to their skin, but it’s a bit trickier with dogs because of their fur. That’s why CBD dog shampoo is an attractive option: it allows you to apply CBD to their skin and fur without the greasiness of an oil. Our CBD balm is also good for the non-furry areas, because it includes moisturizing ingredients.