Pet CBD Hip & Joint Soft Chews For Dogs, Bacon Flavor - 300mg (30 count)

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"Hip and Joint Soft Chews are helping me recover from my torn ACL."
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CBD Soft Chews For Dogs

Our CBD soft chews for dogs were formulated with your dog's health in mind. Our soft chews start with the same formula used in human products: properly sourced CBD from hemp grown right here in the U.S. We then add precise levels of additional cannabinoids (CBG and CBN) and additional terpense to create our unique Superior Broad Spectrum CBD formula in an easy -to-eat soft chew treat.

For added peace of mind, all of our products are tested by independent third-party labs to ensure you’re getting nothing but the best from the most trusted resource in CBD.

Properties of CBD Soft Chews For Dogs

Support your pup’s meal or give them a treat anytime with our CBD soft chews for dogs. We combine our unique formula with additional ingredients and delicious flavors for added everyday wellness and a boost of support:

  • Our Bacon flavored CBD soft chews offer ingredients like glucosamine HCL and omega-3 fatty acids to support optimal hip and joint functions.
  • For those overly stressed out pups, we’ve got CBD Calming chews for dogs with soothing ingredients like chamomile flower, passion flower, and ginger root, combined with the delicious flavor of Bacon

CBD Soft Chew For Dogs Application

Your dog is as unique as you are, so their response to CBD will vary. It’s advised to start your pet on a lower amount of CBD every day and closely monitor them. If need be, you can gradually increase their daily consumption. It is recommended to continue regularly for at least 30 days to achieve optimal results.

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How long for CBD soft chews to show results?

CBD soft chews will work differently in every dog based on their weight, size, and overall health. Our CBD soft chews come in 300 milligram strength. While you may see positive effects immediately, it may take longer in some dogs, as the effect of CBD is cumulative. We recommend using the chews for 30 days to see how your dog responds.

What is the best way to give your dog CBD Soft Chews?

CBD soft chews can be given at any time of the day, with or between meals. Our CBD soft chews for dogs are convenient to use and come in 300 milligram strength based on your dog’s weight. We suggest giving your dog one soft chew a day, for 30 days, to see how they respond, and adjust the serving size as needed for desired results.

For which dogs are CBD Soft Chews Suitable?

Our soft chews are ideal for dogs of all shapes, sizes, and age! While CBD products are THC-free* and formulated especially for dogs, we always recommend talking to your veterinarian before adding anything to your pet’s daily wellness routine.

Do CBD Soft Chews for dogs need to be refrigerated?

No! CBD soft chews come in plastic containers with screw-top lids. Simply make sure to secure the cap tightly after each use and store in a dry place out of direct sunlight.

How long do the effects of CBD Soft Chews last?

The effects of CBD are cumulative, so we recommend using them consistently for 30 days to see desired results. The suggested serving size for CBD soft chews is one chew daily. Your dog should experience the overall wellness effects if you are using the CBD soft chews always as directed. You may adjust based on your dog’s response, gradually increasing as needed.