Pet CBD Oil Calming Tinctures For Dogs, Blueberry Flavor - 250mg (30ml)

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"CBD Calming Oil helps get me through fireworks, thunder and lightning storms which scare me!"
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CBD Calming Oil For Dogs

If your dog is so nervous that it’s stressing you out too, we’ve got the perfect product. Our CBD Calming CBD oil for dogs includes our premium-grade CBD along with a special blend of soothing herbs to ease your pup’s worries. And with the delicious natural blueberry flavor, your pet will lap it right up.

Properties of CBD Calming Oil For Dogs

Our CBD Calming oil includes melatonin, a natural hormone and popular sleep aid, along with valerian root, passionflower, lemon balm, and chamomile for extra soothing power. When combined with the many properties of our Superior Broad Spectrum CBD formula, this powerful product is ideal for daily use to help maintain overall wellness while promoting a greater sense of everyday calm.

CBD Calming Oil for Dogs Application

Dogs come in a variety of sizes and breeds, making CBD application vary from dog to dog. It’s recommended to put a full dropper of oil into the dog’s food or directly into their mouth twice a day. Observe their behavior for at least 30 days and gradually increase the application if necessary.

Why Choose CBD Calming Oil for Dogs?

Health and safety regulations for pets may not be as stringent as they are for humans, allowing some companies to create substandard dog CBD oil. But here at MillPets, we are committed to the idea that dogs are family and deserve the same high-quality ingredients and safety standards that humans do.

That’s why our CBD oil for dogs uses the same Superior Broad Spectrum hemp extract used in products for people, which only comes from properly sourced hemp grown on farms located right here in the U.S. We always use equal third-party testing standards from ISO-certified laboratories that ensure the quality of our proprietary blend of CBD meets our high expectations.

For pet products, we always use the same wholesome MCT oil. This ensures that your dog isn’t getting any unwanted chemicals or additives in their CBD products. The only difference is that we create our CBD for dogs with flavors and concentrations that fit your faithful friend’s needs.

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How do I give my dog CBD Calming Oil?

It’s easy: simply add a drop or two (the dropper will fill halfway to indicate a full serving) to your dog’s food or add directly into their mouth. It is best to maintain regular use for at least 30 days to discover the full benefits of CBD.

What additional ingredients combine to make CBD Calming Oil for Dogs?

Our process starts with our unique Superior Broad Spectrum formula which combines precise levels of CBD, CBG, CBN, and additional terpenes-all while ensuring all products are THC-free.* Then we combine that formula with additional ingredients like melatonin, valerian root, passionflower, lemon balm, and chamomile to create a powerful product that helps support your dog’s everyday sense of calm.

Can I combine CBD Calming Oil with other CBD products for dogs?

The short answer: yes! In fact, it is encouraged to create a balanced routine of CBD products to give your pet their best paw forward. Combine our CBD Calming Oil with CBD Hard Chews to complete treat time and have your best friend begging for more!